Fresh Fire!

I have had that term in my head. I woke up with some lyrics on my heart too:

I hit your back so hard against that wall / you’d never fall

How many times have we looked at something as a setback, only to realize it was a set up?! Man.. I said the other day that God allowed me to dodge a bullet when I didn’t "get" some things!! With a particular person, YEARS later, things came out and I was suuuper happy that I didn’t "get" my man. LOL.

It’s always phenomenal to me. God has a way of allowing things to not happen, as much as he allows things TO happen. So often we blame Him for those things, but not seeing how many things He kept from us, saving us, setting us aside as His own.

Fresh Fire!

>> In a side note: One of my favorite couple’s in the whole wide world is moving away for a while. It was very sad to see them this past Sunday, but, He has the perfect plan. God, I ask that you allow their ministry to grow and to bless others, just like they’ve blessed me with their simple presence and smile. The knowledge share was dope too! <<


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