I never realized Jonah’s story was my life….

​Today in service my pastor preached a message that was part my life, part deliverance, part stripping of pretensions and all the way necessary. See, I have trouble being in service and it’s just another service. You know, the choir or music department isn’t really interested in worship… I feel like a sign should blink that says "due to our lack of worship, there will be no power in our service today." I mean, I really get frustrated. I ask myself why I have so much negative frustration with services like this — but that’s another post.

Unfortunately, the worship today, started off in that direction. But thank GOD for his mid-course correction. When Pastor Williams got up to preach, he preached from a book that most have heard about but not really spent time in. As he preached, we walked through a real understanding of the man that God chose, and his disobedience. All I could see, as he stretched the choices of Jonah out in front of me, was my life. I saw the times when I had, like Jonah, actively removed myself from the presence of God, by choosing to go with my own actions. Whether I felt righteously justified like Jonah just makes me feel different shades of black. LOL.

Why is it so easy for us to rely on our wilfulness? Why do we think we can really change situations with our own actions or that our decisions really are that important?

I have to let the rest of this digest before I can blog on it like I want to…. but yeah…. More to come…


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