Make Room For Me

We control our hearts. If you can control yourself enough to hate someone or something, then you can control WHAT gets into your heart.

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I name things I love/admire/cherish. The name I have for bible study is “Hidden Treasure.” For most people, the bible is in plain sight. It’s an app, or it’s on a shelf or a table. But the treasure that’s contained within the pages are hidden. In Acts 16, Luke records  Jesus saying “when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you…” Most Christians will agree that they are filled with the Holy Spirit. But how do you reconcile what’s happening in your life with what you believe? Either we’re not guided, or he’s not in us. That’s a depressing thought. Does anyone else look at the lives of believers that are around them and wonder where the disconnect is? We all pray to God yet many of us are bitter, scared, too prideful, locked in guilt, struggling to build a dream, in poverty, sick, frustrated or self-centered. Where is the breakdown? I know since God is the same through all the ages, something is off with us.

Lots of focus is placed on what happened at the cross. But the power of the cross is in the Resurrection. When he got up, all power came with him. That spirit is within. So just maybe I haven’t really tapped in, to what I have. Maybe I need “more of God.” I think a better way to say that is to ask, “What have I made room in my heart for?”

Being a free moral agent, I have to choose. Literally, I need to move some things around until I have enough space for whatever is incoming. In the past, I have made room for sitcoms, personal conquests, goals and ambitions. How many times have I made intentional room for what Christ is doing in my life? I have to admit, I probably look pretty dumb to Christ. He shows me things, and I just tra-la-la through life and into a wall, that I built! LOL. Then I ask him for help to navigate around it.

Just meditate on what “abundant life” means to you. Steve Jobs was financially wealthy but poor in health. In investigating what abundant life means to us, we see that it’s God’s will for us to have it. So what do you need to make room for, that’s in your definition, but your life doesn’t reflect?

A life lived long and stress filled, Is void of the very thing that makes existence worthwhile. Today, I make more room for the very things you DIED to give me. 



ps – happy birthday cJg3!


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