Transitions and shifts.

It’s 2015. I can remember what was happening at this time last year. I was full of hopes and strong desires for a prosperous 2014. It began with a most unexpected turn of events, that led to more newness in my life than I could have ever predicted. And the year flew by.

Now, I’m entering 2015, with the same expectation. But this year, I know things are going to be growing from the roots that were created and laid in 2014. I understand why I traveled and saw the family that I did see. I understand what my positioning is, for my immediate and extended family. I carry the position with honor. But I also know that those things had to get some roots in them, for 2015 to do what it needs to do. While things were not always "easy" in 2014, even though I don’t directly "see" the path in front of me — I am sure footing in walking it boldly. I know who lives on the inside of me. He has more answers than I ever could. He has more guidance than I will ever be able to ask questions about, and he has already ordered my steps.

I think about how many things had to happen for me to arrive at the point that I’m at right now. It’s unfathomable. Because any one of those decisions could’ve changed my course. I give loud praise to Jesus for what he’s orchestrated, and what my eyes will see. Great grace. I’m easing back into blogging, and my next post will have my usual structure. But for now, this is just a post of thanks.

BTW — writing has been happening; just off screen and in silent rooms, where walls listen and don’t judge if you sing too much off-key. 🙂


One thought on “2015

  1. It truly is beyond our understanding; His will and what He, God, has in store for each of us. I too often think on what had to happen for me to be where I am today (protection from dangers seen and unseen). In the end, after thinking to hard I simply resolve to say, “thank you Lord”. It is only by His continuous grace that I exist and shall prosper.

    Thank you for sharing.

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