The loud sound of silence

Sometimes, the sound of silence is still the most comforting thing I hear all day. Not the silence at noon, when people are busy in thought or the silence before grace said at 7pm…. but the silence of midnight. The time when prayers are prayed and tears are beginning to fall; the time when the hope of today fades into a wish of tomorrow…. When the to-day list becomes tasks that are forgotten — I relish. Some like the morning. I like night. I’m not “dark” or morbid, but my best thoughts come when many place head to sheet for sleep. I still get up for my AM gym sets, but something about this hour ignites my brain.

I remember conversations I’ve had in the day and random things that will make tomorrow sparkle. Notes of pieces to polish are documented, and strategies are vetted. I guess in this hour, I can be me. Full of energy, but full of complexity. No one will fire a response email back. No one is picking up the phone to call. No interruptions.

When’s your hour(s)? To steal away and talk to God without the light of day interrupting like a neighbor looking for a lost child? When do you refuel your heart meter so you can face the demands of your destiny with the vigor only found in “villains”? I say villains because many have been robbed… so to take it back (for yourself), you’ve got to be fiercely focused and extremely unrelenting.  Where do you get courage? I find it now. Close to midnight.

What if you were placed on earth to execute a single idea? That is, what if your purpose, is to execute ONE idea? God made you, gave you unique abilities and used all the bad and good to groom you to be able to do one particular thing. God made you because no other person in time, could do what you do, the way you do, and get the outcome that you’ll get…. would that make you feel special? Would that make you stay up at night, or, maximize your day, so that you moved closer to, or achieved that one idea? How integral would you feel to God’s plan?

What if I told you that’s what I believe?

You call it purpose — I call it executing an idea. WE still both agree that we’re here for something much larger than reality tv. 🙂




One thought on “The loud sound of silence

  1. Hey Trish,

    I was up too, but not writing creatively, more academically. Nevertheless, I agree with you in your belief that we are all groomed and shaped for a purpose; “to execute an idea”. We often lose sight of this fact. But we see examples of this throughout life, see Martin, Malcolm, Ghandi, Theresa. See Noah, Moses, and the man from Nazarene. Each of these people lived an ideal and pushed for that idea to be imparted upon the people that they may be edified. It is in the quiet still that God talks to us. It is in the quiet still that I was able to hear the ‘chime’, and be edified by your words. Blessings. -vf

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