Persistence & it’s distant relative

Persistence & it’s distant relative Greatness…

Persistence gets a lot of people very far in life. I like to think of it as momentum (I’m an engineer, so just walk with me). Momentum keeps an object in motion, even after the object has stopped. Likewise, if you’re persistent, even when your will folds and tells you there’s nothing at the end of a road you haven’t reached, you keep going. Persistence doesn’t allow you to give up. It doesn’t allow you to take things so personally that you bow out. Persistence doesn’t let you forget that you started something and walking away means that you won’t finish. Persistence is the thing that an 8-yr old has and a major leaguer has. It’s no respecter of persons.

Persistence helps you find a gear that others don’t believe is attainable.

If you keep at it long enough, you’ll meet the distant relative of persistence: Greatness.

You can never be great at something you don’t persist with. To spontaneously (or occasionally) execute a task, you do yourself a disservice. Getting it “wrong,” is typically enough of a de-motivator to not try again. Not trying means you won’t ever meet the great that you seek.

Don’t be confused; great isn’t defined by outside forces. It’s the level that you think is great for the task that you’re attempting to achieve. So DO YOU, Boo!

The ability to be relentless in your pursuit (like a constant drop of water on a rock), is rooted in a passion for the task that you’re executing. So.. If we were writing a formula, it would be: passion + persistence = success/greatness.

The road will always have more potholes than you initially thought. But the view at the end of the block is much better than the start.

Plus, how do you explain the grace that it took to keep you going?

🙂 you knew it was coming..!

Persistence and the “will” to focus in, are just words that have been dressed up to disguise what’s really at work in your life. God has given each of us a grace. And that grace empowers us to be successful. It does not insure that we never experience failure in the area of our gracing… But what it does mean is that when we do, there is something pulling us forward to a “better” and bigger destination. It is our momentum!

I have experienced that in my life in several areas. I have had grace on me to do things that others in my position haven’t done. And it’s all for the greater plan that’s yet to be revealed to me!!

So keep PERSISTING. Keep growing and getting closer and closer to your destination!!

Up with you,


Nashville, TN

October 2014


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