Don’t be a sucka for the handclap

Today, I played a big role in my church’s 50th anniversary… But very few people knew it.

I was quite pleased with the 18 page program booklet that I produced. Combing through the church’s history (which dates back to 1883 as a Sunday school outreach effort), putting images where they needed to go, and other small touches made me feel apart of the bloodline of the church. How many people had played roles like mine, and their names would never be remembered in church history?

God is so amazing that he gets people like me, knitted with pastors like mine. As I learn more about God, I see so much application in my life. I hope you find a space in your life to connect with something larger than you. And if the “thank you’s” are few and far between, be happy!! Because you’re not doing it for the hand clap anyway. I live such a rewarding life.


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