Revealing the purpose of the good

​A revelation of God’s goodness over your life will help you to see just where he’s taking you. When I got a revelation of where he desires my life to go, in just a single area, I broke out in worship. Not about the destination, but about how awesome he is. Because he knew my life, intimately better than any one thing or me, he has been able to prepare me using my past situations, to take me into a marvelous future. All I have to do is receive what he has shown me. Crush the areas of unbelief that may try to rise up, and realize that I am exactly, precisely and definitely who he’s revealed me to be. After all, if God’s shown it to me (or you), who are you to argue? As it states, the created thing cannot argue with the creator about it’s intended use!

God only revealed to me a single area. Imagine if he showed me the entire picture. Wow…. Thank you Jesus for all that you’ve done, and are doing, for this single individual…. Imagine that. The God who has entire worlds to maintain, still can "see about" me. He is so credible with me, but I can’t find another word other than good and great. He’s massively, amazingly, terrifically, wonderful.

He has redeemed your life for things that you can’t possibly fathom, unless you understand that he’s been a partner with you…

God working with you, to benefit you, so that you, can in turn benefit someone else. He’s a good God.


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