God talks

Who rejuvenates you and how do they do it?

Talking about God is so refreshing to me. It always feels like the best conversation; especially when I’m having it with a close friend or family member. There’s something about getting a Christian talking about the thing they love most, that gets my juices going. Whether we’re talking about where we currently are in life, what Daddy is showing us, pet peeves about the people in the kingdom, or questions; it’s all ripe for righteous picking.

These conversations, give me life! Literally lol. I look forward to them as I start my day, knowing that God is going to use his people to give me new perspective, new horizons, new insight, and most of all new energy! The Bible says that all good things come from him. So I know these conversations have been inserted into my story to build me up. Funny how God knows us enough to fine tune our experiences to best fit how we develop! There was a time, where my conversation were not very God-oriented at all. I wasn’t lying or talking about people, but it wasn’t about God. It wasn’t about his word, it wasn’t about what he was showing me, and it surely wasn’t biblically grounded counsel about what was going on in the lives of my friends.

Conversely during these periods, I didn’t have a lot of insight. Lol!

Sure he still loved me, (he has never stopped loving me) but, we weren’t in a close relationship. His presence was not manifest in my life; we didn’t talk “like that.” So what changed? Did I get new friends? Did I just tell my friends stop talking to me unless it was something about God? No; well not really.

Just like in life, some friends grow with you. So some friends and I, naturally grew together. We grew away from the things that we once pursued, and all found ourselves standing squarely in the middle of the kingdom, communicating with Jesus in a deeper way, and letting him grow us. Conversations naturally “grew up.”

As I’m writing songs and Spokenword, I love reflecting on “small” treasure like this. This is the content of life! From it comes a deep perspective and an open door to help people understand how to live this life. Writing isn’t all glamorous. Sometimes the blank page seems like it glares back. But then an email drops in and… We are all getting insight and inspiration.

So now that I’m on this road, with my music being a catalyst that people listen to, to understand what God might be saying to them, I look back on these memories fondly. I still lean on some of my closest friends for rejuvenation, of sorts.

The words we speak, and the company we keep, all have power. They help you move throughout life. Be careful with who you get your power from.

I know that without the nourishment of the word and the watering of that seed from my friends, I would not be the same person that I am today.

Stay inspired,


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