5 August, 2014 16:17


Focus in life is so critically important. For people to be able to understand that they already have this capability is important as well. What then, makes a difference between those who harness, and those who do not? Attention. Think about the difference between you and your favorite movie — likely over an hour — that you gladly spend. But, when you get into an activity that you’re less enthused about, it’s hard to keep your mind from wandering.

Goal achievement is no different. Even though we may want the larger prize — a bigger promotion, better grades, better lyrics, etc — are we willing to have focus on the smaller tasks that make up achieving the larger one? You literally have to become engrossed in every detail of what you’re attempting to accomplish. It’s not something that most people are willing to do. It requires life changes, and it requires that you give up things that are enjoyable in the present, to gain something that will bring you greater enjoyment in the future. It’s tough saying no, but like Stephen Covey said — having a bigger yes inside of you is best.

Smile, then dig in for what you want. Nothing worth having will come easy. Look at Jesus. While he was the only man in the world graced to do what he did, it still was hard at times for him. He chose to limit his supernatural ability, to show us how limitless we can be — if we live through God that’s living on the inside of us. That’s true goal fulfillment. Chasing a God who’s been chasing us for all eternity. I love it.

Eyes up my friends.


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