He’s working it out — God, I hope!

Man. This life is funny. I think I almost deleted this post … twice. But life is also mildly predictable. Have you ever had a situation where you got extremely excited because everything was pretty much precisely what you needed to hear, when you needed to hear it, from the person who provided the most credibility for whatever it was that you wanted? Like say it’s evaluation time, and your boss says something that causes you to believe you’ll get an “exceeds expectations” on your evaluation… That’s Good News, right? Totally different if it’s a random coworker who says that… Especially if it’s one who “thinks” they’re the manager anyway ;).


This week, I received a series of messages that encouraged my spirit, and, left me muttering the promises of God to myself. I’ve got three or four verses that became “breath prayers”… prayers that I say in an instant. . . No prayer blanket, shawl, alter, cover, mat, corner, time, space — just me, wherever I’m at, and the God who says he’s ALWAYS with me… which means that I’m always in his presence, right? Oh ok… just making sure you weren’t getting religious on me…

ANYWAY — I got these messages, that straight bolted me up, like in the heavenlies type up (hums Te amo, I love you…con todo mi corazon…) and then life tried to get me down. People couldn’t make shows, mis-communications caused complications, there were cancellations, people didn’t respond to things; I mean, just bags of less-than-optimal news. But I kept the promises of God in me.

“God is releasing a sound in the earth; I have grace for the assignments in this life; My gifts make room for me; The Spirit goes before me, and prepares my way…” (Hosea; Acts; Proverbs; Deuteronomy)

He says that he’ll never leave me; and, because He’s with me, that means I’m successful. So even in the “bad news” of life, God is still committed to me being successful. (He fulfilled his last task, of going to the cross, so I think he’s earned MY trust! LOL) Even when shows, pre-shows, practices, promotions, auditions, etc don’t go right, he’s there, working it all together in his masterpiece. I don’t know his plan, I don’t know the path he’ll have me walking, but, neither did Mary. Neither did Deborah. Nor Miriam. Nor Sarah, Nor Bathsheba. Nor Esther. Nor Ruth. Nor Abigail. Nor Lydia. Nor the woman with the issue of blood. Nor the woman of Samaria. God was minutes away from them, and while they minded their business, he had already set their lives up, for them to be a powerful example of the gospel.

Here’s me. Life shows me something contrary… But the just live by FAITH, not feelings. Good to say, hard to execute. I’ve got to side step what I see, so what I know can come display itself where I live. 

Talking this talk with y’all, so I can walk this walk with my decision, arms, legs and feet.

Pray me up!



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