I fell in love with music again today.

I fell in love with beats, harmonies, tempos, baselines, solos… I fell in love with music again… Just like it was the first time.

When you love something for what it’s worth, nothing matters. It doesn’t matter if a person does it poorly, or beautifully… It’s just the ‘thing’ that draws you, and there’s nothing that you can do to stop it.

It’s all fresh. All good enough for you to find some good in it– even if it’s not precisely how you would do it.

I hope that everyone has SOMETHING that does this for them. Something that allows you to look without scrutiny, condescendence, comparison, judgement in the least. Something that you can enjoy for what it brings to your life — not for the brilliance with which you critique and if, finding no fault then you, as Pilate say it’s “okay.”

Maybe I just went ham, but life is too beautiful, we try too hard, time is too much of a taskmaster, and hearts too tender for a critical sharpened eye.

Live a little, will you?


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