Frustrated but Unmotivated: The battle against “Just Enough”

Most people have an inner dreamer: the thing that looks at something in the world, saying “I want that.” We struggle with material lust or covet positions — and if we’re really transparent and superbly honest, we’ve all done it. Typically our lament is “I can’t wait until…” We’ve all seen greener pastures someplace other than beneath our own two feet. As I look around at the lives of my friends and my family, I’m convinced that we are okay with “just enough.” I know every who reads this will say “not me” but before you so quickly decide to tell a half truth, let’s all be humble like disciples around the table at the last supper and say “Lord is it I?”

I’m firmly in this boat with you. I may be writing to only myself, but I asked God to give me wisdom….so I believe that I’m not alone with this. Let’s walk a little together. If you’re like me, your upbringing, had just what you needed. Your parents didn’t hand out $20 dollar bills if you were going to go hang out with friends, and, summertime didn’t mean a summer wardrobe shopping spree. I was firmly aware of how to handle limited resources, and taught to value the lesson in everything. So, I went out into the world, equipped with this knowledge. But then something happened.

As I progressed in life, different circles, different places, different ministries, so did my “things.” Sure I had more than my mother had at my age, and in that, I was better off, but my mentality, and subsequently my actions, showed precisely what I believed. And if you measured ratios/percentages of stress to those things or destiny accomplished and those things, I wasn’t really in that different of a place. My prayers during that time of my life, were littered with lines like “I don’t know how  you’re taking me God, but….” or “Lord, you’ve shown me greater and….” All along, while God was prospering me, my appetite for what was enough, was growing.

Plainly put, if you transplanted what I thought was enough NOW, to where I was THEN, I would look at my NOW as a tremendous blessing. But NOW, it’s “just enough” — what gives? Why is it, that the more you know, the less satisfied we become? In essence, we’re frustrated by where we are, but when you dig deep, we are sorely unmotivated to change significantly.

It’s bigger than our backgrounds. Through people who have a lot, and people who have a little, this problem is evident. “Rich” people declare bankruptcy just like “broke” people do. It’s a mindset that then infects the heart. Instead of being studious during transitions, taking the meat and leaving the bone; we welcome the great new world, without changing our mindsets. Sorta reminds me of the children of Israel. How many times did they stop to take inventory of why things got to where they were? Or, did they just remember the good & pray for better?

Lord, guide our THOUGHT LIFE. Show us that you are the God of MORE than enough. And help us start the transformation of our minds, as you show us the ways you are shaping us to come through our transitions successfully. Whether we’re moving up in corporations, becoming husbands/wives, starting new jobs, or beginning a new chapter in our education — show us how to let the light of your glory REEK HAVOC in the places that we’ve yet let you control. We desire you to be our shepherd and lead us; we desire to follow your words. Thank you for insight and more over GRACE to change. In Your Name we pray, AMEN.


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