Blessings, Superhero’s & Spandex

The life was getting tedious. Be a top performer, expert networker, polished presenter & gorgeous supermodel-turned-down-to-resemble-the-girl-next-door (smile), basically the life of every late 20-something, early 30-something rising professional. . . who’s single/not married with no kids. Throw some replicas of your DNA in there, and you have yourself a mental zoo (caring for the needs of someone wholly dependent on you to live and all…)! That life — requires a LOT of effort. But, we do it…to the best of our abilities, right? Right. The supernatural ability to accomplish something, anything — can be seen as a blessing. John 15:5 says that apart from God, we can’t do anything. Which means that even the things that we felt like we accomplished in our own ability, were all him.

Let me put it a different way, the things that we felt were too trivial for God to step in and handle–you know, things we did because we had good plans; executed them well; met the right people, insert anything from the list above, is ALL Christ (Christ means anointing, btw). For this season of my life, I’ve gotten great promises from God. He’s spoken them through ministers, prophets, family members and in my own quiet time with him. But the BEST promise that I have; the one I stretch out across my days, and the one that sits with me when no one else is around, is that He desires to bless me. He says that he WILL bless me; and that’s woven throughout the New Testament.

Better than every specific prayer I can pray (read: request I can ask), I have deep rooted knowledge that God loves me, and because of his love for me, he will bless me. IT’S NOT UP TO ME!! Man…. This means I can put my underwear back on the inside of my pants, unpin the sheet I cut (which didn’t fly properly anyway), and stop running into bathrooms to change into my superhero outfit!! It’s Not Up To Me. (kicks up feet to relax) I don’t have to be great (being great isn’t bad), I don’t have to pray a certain amount of hours each day (but I do pray b/c I love spending time with him), I don’t have to rehearse so many hours each week (but I rehearse b/c I like to sing)….I don’t have to be great because my success is not by my own power. It’s not by my intelligence that I was able to graduate with a great degree. It wasn’t because I was so witty that I’ve gotten great jobs and bonuses. It’s not because I’m beautiful that I’ve met awesome men of God. It’s not because I’m great with my finances that I’ve saved money in the bank. NONE of that was my own doing. It’s all God’s blessing on my life. There are those who are better than me in every area imaginable, but they don’t have the blessing of Christ over their life — which means that they struggle to accomplish the thing that came “easy” to me.

Do I struggle? Of course. Does that mean the blessing isn’t active in that area of my life? Absolutely not. What God blesses, cannot be cursed. That would make God a liar — and we know that’s not him. So my struggle, perhaps just illuminates to me, an area I haven’t given to my Savior.

On that note — I’m going to go and see what promises God has for me, in the areas that I do struggle with handing it completely over. Where’s your walk at with this one? Faith up

& I’m out,


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