Every Single Need…. Yep!

ImageWhen Jesus left his kingdom, he became a baby. Then he grew like we did; went through all the things we did. The best explanation came from “The Shack” (W.P. Young), where Jesus, coming down, was like a bird who refused to soar the sky, even though it knew full well, it’s ability to fly. Jesus limited himself and played by our rules.

When I think about how he’s supplied my every single need, I think about everything I’ve been through. And sure, I’ve had tough times — you guys have read here on the blog my experiences in the past. But somehow, those experiences propelled me to dynamic places. Like who knew that the loneliness I felt, in no one understanding my struggle to “be normal” would yield the tough skin I would need in future dealings with people. And we know, dealing with people can HURT. Those who should be on your team for life, those you can pour out to, can still treat you raw. But He supplies. Which means, even the tough, rough, fell down & skinned your knee (or broke your arm) situations, He’s going to use, someway.

I read through a book last year, and had a talk with God. Through my life, I’ve never known him as a monetary Provider, personally. (This is me being Extremely transparent — so just bear with me). I know he’s my source of everything, but, those testimonies of God coming through with the precise and exact amount? Nah — wasn’t apart of my arsenal. When I prayed that prayer, I really didn’t know what I was about to get into!

The things that were stable in my life — working themselves into long term sources of income, were rocked. Main sources of income, side sources of income — completely rocked. Would He provide me the solutions to change/ease/solve the situations? With a slap-you-on-the-back-of-your-head-that-gets-your-attention alert, God’s answer was Yes. I’m in the greatest transition of life, and, inadvertently¬† I walked straight into his master plan, with a crazy prayer of “God, let me know you in this way.” LOL. We think the road is straight and no bumps… it’s often bumpy for us to realize who’s really in control.

God Speed.


In the midst of the peaks and plateau’s I found out just how many ways he Provided for me — reduced prices, people coming out of the woodwork — all I can say is thank you!


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