Notes from the Dark


I wrote this over a year ago. I called it “Notes from the Dark.” I actually love the imagery in the poem & I thought I would share it.

Air so thick I can hardly breathe
So I placed a gas mask over my heart and headed toward the exit.
Scanning through burning eyes for a sign of a source of fresh air
My feet, resolute in dragging my disoriented self forward,
Catapult me across the threshold of door and hallway
And as quickly as the smoke spread, I now stand on the other side
Hearing the calls of others left inside;
Fear keeps me planted, as though I have roots through the floor.
No longer wanting to fight the war, I slink away, a warrior, now gone AWOL.
A fugitive in a new land, still attached to the old regime,
Sleeping but not resting, hearing but not listening, Raging but not moving
A cacophony of thought thunders behind my cat eyes.
Feeling like a spy I try, to navigate a city build by pairs of hands
Between daymares and arguments, there is no peace
Intentions explode like rival gang scuffles, busting shots at midnight.
Complicated lines of smoke and mirror flash moments of light
Glitters that shine like the sun,
Without its accompanying warmth;
A lone ranger, army of one.


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