Blessings & Hope

When God blesses us, he really spares no expense. Even in bad times, he has a way of taking care of us that is amazing. When he puts it on someone’s heart to cover us, we don’t have to be our best selves. Sometimes, we’re even our worst selves, and he still makes a way for the situation to work out in our favor. He’s an amazing God and gets all the credit for the way he moves on the hearts of others, precisely when we need it!

What I find most promising, as I look around my life, are the new levels of knowledge that people are  unearthing. When we uncover new territory and find new boundaries, there’s a sense of ownership that just wasn’t there before. It’s the blessing that is on our lives. God so strongly desires for us to see our prosperity in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13-15) but we have to believe it enough to chase after it.

Doubt, which is just fear that’s dressed up in it’s most logical clothes, keeps us from taking many steps. But in this year of fulfillment, this year of manifested blessings, I am encouraged by the word blessing and what it means. Blessing is a supernatural ability. When it first shows up on the scene, it’s with Abraham and the promise that God gives to him “*I* will bless you…” It’s the word Hebrew word “barak” that’s used there. When you look into the definition, the word is most prominently used with the act of worship — blessing God. So why, when God choosing to bestow a blessing on Abram, does he use this term? I like to align the word with a supernatural ability. It was aligned with Christ b/c it was nothing that Abraham could do to “help” God with the fortune that Abraham’s life was going to take. It was all God. Because of the blessing, Abraham would praise God and live for God even more. My finite mind closes the loop: God blessed Abram (he wasn’t Abraham yet) & then Abraham worshiped. Then God blessed him more and Abraham worshiped more. Ah the cycle we find for our lives!

Many relationships and situations have changed since I began this blog. Lots of change and activity has happened; BUT the blessing of God is still on my life. That’s what’s encouraging about when G sets us up. It doesn’t matter where we’re at, when he wants to move, it’s nothing we can do. Our steps don’t matter — our success was never because of our ability anyway! It was all because of the ability of the person inside of us! Imagine that — where we don’t have a “best” to give because the “rest” that we left up to G, was his doing all along. Such Freedom!

I’m in chillmode b/c I know my path is already done…. walking in that!
I feel a little stronger — I hope you do too!
&I’m out,

Side Bar: If you didn’t know… I sing pretty well. 🙂 (Humble cake? :P). Take a listen to my song on youtube. I’m believing that it’s going to make your playlist. – Trisha Alicia “Blessing Me”. All I ask, is that if you like it, please tell a friend & join me somewhere else: Twitter (T__Ali), IG (T__Ali), Facebook (trishalicia4Ever)… Simple right? Right!


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