Process makes Perfect

A friend gently reminded me that I haven’t been sharing my process. So… here I go. thanks oT.

Hi, my name is Trisha. I’m an anointed singer/psalmist, songwriter, poet, engineer and entrepreneur. Yes, that is my confession.  =) Seriously though, in the past few months, there’s been a tremendous amount of activity in my life and I’ve not written a lick about any of it. Have I been busy? Yes — but what makes that different from any other point in time of my life? So, here I commit again, to documenting a little portion of the process.

It’s funny that when you are approaching the biggest doors of your life, God will illuminate things to your spirit. I can remember being back in September, and going on a two week fast from entertainment. I didn’t talk on the phone, sans essential conversation; no TV, very little social media — except to respond to essential messages. Lots of friends thought I was ignoring them. I didn’t broadcast the fast to many/anyone.

At the wrap of up that fast, several things were set in motion that changed the course of the rest of the year. When God says some things come through prayer and fasting, hear me firmly, I do not believe he was simply speaking about strongholds for the person. There were people that were opened because of that fast and situations that were cemented.

When you’re waiting on an answer from God to manifest in the physical, watch the ways that He speaks. He will speak to you through dreams (I recommend “Seeing the Voice of God by Laura Harris Smith — EXCELLENT book), through prayer, through scripture and ultimately through the ways that your fast winds up/down/explodes. When you are in a season of transition, life will talk back, if you want it to.

But don’t be afraid of what you hear. In the old testament, there are tons of stories about VERY courageous men and women who were apart of the tribe of Israel. Israel started with ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. God is calling us to change our generation, our families and more — but he’s first calling us to change our lives.

What have you called dead that God breathed life into? —– Does the dead thing have a name? Has it died inside of you, and, instead of giving praise to a most Living Savior, it’s stinking and rotting within you? Search and journal. You’ll find that place. The God space. The space where no person can touch. Where no words can enter, but only your emotions and brain can process. And in that instant, you’ll come into the full understanding of who God wants to be to you, right then.

I have so much to write — God’s been my Provider, my Way Maker, my personal Introducer/Liasion — I’ve met people that others would PAY to meet. (hums “who else but God…”). I’ll spare you and come back more often with posts about my process. But for now, be encouraged to activate what, at first glance, seems “different.” It just might be the thing God is begging you to join Him in. Lacking knowledge, but able to get wisdom–go; Fleshly afraid but full of confidence–go. He who BEGAN the work, WILL see it through ’till the end.




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