Is it important to have intervals in life? Our lives naturally move in cycles — some large, some small. We grow in cycles/chunks of time. Think: Baby, toddler, kid, big kid (I’m not a psychologist nor a parent so I don’t know all the terms), adolescent, teen, young adult, adult, … I’ll stop there, LOL! Seriously though, we move in cycles. I recently saw a concept of a "forever" friend. And it got me to thinking: Are some friends similar to rocket propellers? That is, when we have served our purpose in the others life, we fall off like the boosters on the side of the rocket-ship?

There are definitely friends that I used to know. Literally, I still know them, but not at the level that I once did. There are friends that I still know now. And when we talk, it’s like we never left off. Do traits exist that would enable us to identify forever friends from those who aren’t? When I look at the friends who have been with me over a long period of time, there’s one trait that stands out to me, that connects all the different personalities. Perhaps it’s this one trait that’s constant for those people, in my life, that makes them the type of friend that would be forever. It may not be the same for someone else. When I look at the friends who haven’t been around as long, or, have moved in and out of my life, their traits are more varied, and include the trait of forever friends, but to a different degree/extent.

That said, there are dominate traits that my friends who move in and out of my life have, that my forever friends don’t. All it shows, is that everyone is needed. I think as we move through life, we meet people, we grow, we help others and then we change. After changing, the cycle begins again.

Where are you in yours? Who have you been to others?


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