Compassionate Love

Loving someone beyond where you can see is tough for humans. We want to know that what we invest, is worth it. We want people to give us what we want, when we want it — provided that we know we’re worth it. Working through something, walking with someone through something is not a concept we use, outside of marriage. And even then, many don’t "do" it well. (Not the walking with people through stuff, but the giving someone the dignity and grace to move at their pace, provided they’re not hurting anyone).

We take sure bets. Gone are the days of "following your heart" without compelling evidence to do so.

What if love had no limits in your life?

What happens if you find a heart that loves you beyond the limits that you see as capable? What would be true for you? For them? For your future? What areas would be healed in both of you?

What happens when your dream is deferred? Or crushed? Would you still hold out hope? Would you become frustrated or get a low self esteem? Would you find a replacement for the dream that you appeared dead?

People say "it’ll work out." I always respond — "that is the only way for it to work." After all, any other way would be it not working. Remember, you’re always winning. What is for you, will be for you. David & Joseph are great examples of how you can see your greatness, be in the complete opposite of that position, and still have a story that others will talk about forever. Joseph was called to rule, yet he was a slave. David was king, but in his home country listed as a fugitive. What is for you; no plot, ploy or distraction can stop it from working out. Trust in this and walk with confidence.


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