Sowing and Reaping

A farmer doesn’t sow a seed of corn and expect wheat. Why then, do we sow seeds but sometimes feel like we get nothing in return?

I see this principle at work everywhere in my world. Its pervasive… sort of like the myth that says black hair is "long" if it reaches a persons shoulders. Or that black hair some how mythically grows "differently" than other people’s hair. The problem is somewhere else. If we are washing our hair, and we have blood pumping through our bodies, our hair is growing.

It feels like I’ve been sowing seeds forever. I can remember being pretty selfish as a child. My grandmother helped me learn how to share. So I guess that’s why sowing comes rather naturally. But I found myself in the spin cycle. I sowed a lot of seed, but my harvest baskets have been empty or lack luster. Efforts that should’ve yielded tremendous results were miniscule or nonexistent. Why?

I was missing a step somewhere in the process. Sure, I have more resources than some people, so I should be happy, right? WRONG.

If God places something down on the inside of you, then you have a commandment to follow the voice of God — which resides within the vision he’s birthed in you. So what do you do, when your reality doesn’t line up with the promise? What do you do, when it feels like you have more going out, than coming in? That could be that you counsel more people than you have to listen to you and your frustrations. It could be that you are always doing something nice for someone else, and no one is doing something nice for you. Sure, I’m listing non financial examples, but they ALL count.

How do you turn this cycle of negative outputs off? I’ve learned so much about the power of confession, that I’m convinced that we have been short circuited as modern day believers. Somewhere, the saying of "I’ll do my best and God will do the rest" or, " if you don’t use it, then you’ll lose it" or "God gives and God takes" replaced the gospel.

The gospel (bible) shows LOADS of examples of people having nothing and God supernaturally moving, in our physical world, to meet their needs. I was obedient in June of 2013, said a prayer for 7 areas of my life and sowed a $1,000 seed. Biggest seed I’ve ever sown in my life. I had to call prayer partners and use their faith to believe that I would actually SOW it. The will was w-e-a-k, but eventually, I was obedient.

I’m back at it, on a different plateau. I can’t wait to see how the results come in. God word is real, and it works. We’ve changed, not him. Crisis of faith brings us to opportunities to trust God. With patience, we are able to see more and more of him, if we open our eyes to do what he calls us to do.


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