The Stretch

Stretching my wings… Sometimes, things really do fall together. When you begin to see pieces of your life look like a fabric assembled by a master seamer (I know the word is out of style, but grant me some liberty), “it makes me wanna holla, throw up both my hands!”

As I come onto the 21 days of Trish (yay), this year will end in a way that the beginning could not foretell. I’ve learned so much about relationships and relationship building. In the past, I would be slightly bent out of shape by the dynamics these evolving relationships have taken. I remind myself that on the path to destiny, there are never any wrong turns – just ones you didn’t expect. When you don’t expect something, it’s the surprise EFFECT that can propel you toward your next major destination of purpose.

If I could give everyone who has been in my life for years, a great big hug and kiss, I would. While we’re not in the same area of the world, to know that I occupy a space in your mind and heart, moves me. Friendship is actively choosing to accept and build each other up, come what may. It’s a partnership that is not easily achieved, but so worth the reward. When someone knows what your tone means, when you’re pulling a classic “you” moment, or when you are in need of some extra support – those years in the trenches with you, pays off. When they’re willing to go tough places with you, when they’ve stood with you while others have walked away – THAT deserves an extra gem in heaven.

As I live out my SLP (strategic life plan), I realize that I will harvest every seed planted. Every word I speak, I will do my best to bring it forward to fruition. After all, the good ideas, dreams and visions aren’t mine anyway – they come from God. So if he’s given them to me, then he’s given me the strength to make them come forward. My good friend mV shared with me a verse out of Isaiah 55:9-10. In the verse it talks about how water MAKES the earth bloom. So even if the earth wasn’t trying to hear what the sun was saying when he was shining down on them, the water MAKES the earth bloom. Just so, I will MAKE the dreams that God gives me come to life (not light, but life) because he’s my water. In watering me, I water my goals, dreams and ambitions.

I recently found Fall. Thanks jC! It’s my favorite season. But being out in nature and seeing the wonders of God’s creation did something for me. Almost anyone who knows me knows that I like to work. Not just like my job, but in general. The things I have going on, the ways I’m always thinking about life – I like to work, and will work hard to see them come to pass. Fall represents an opportunity to transition. You may recognize a theme over the next 21 days, as I approach my great day.

I want to give voice to the transitions that have occurred with me. I will try to explain them as clearly as possible. Immense change sometimes is difficult to summarize. But getting to simplicity is beauty.


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