Programming Destiny

What happens when you set your destination, and allow your weapons to reposition your world to get there?

More than just positive thinking, this is the truth that’s allowed to every believer…

Since I’ve got a destination that I’m targeting toward, there are questions that I always ask of my prayer time with God, as I look at the successful couples around me. At what point did they intertwine destinies?

At the end of the day, they’re still two people, but they’re working toward a same end goal. Many would say post marriage, but there are some serious conversations that have to be had prior to getting to that point. . . because the alignment has to happen.

I’m loving the seeds that I’m sowing into people who are paired, because I feel like it’s good seed for my future! =)


I’ve been reading some prayers that I prayed in the middle of the year. It’s absolutely amazing to see the transition and the change from one position to another. And as the manifestation of what was prayed comes to pass, I am walking in trust and letting my faith be on display.

I don’t rewrite the prayers, but I do rewrite the topic of what was prayed. I have to write it in my other journal… Gotta keep these things up to date!


More to come later.


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