I <3 Him…

I love God for reasons that I can’t explain. From the ways that he uncovers himself all around me, to the ways he shows me precisely that I’m on his wheel and he’s spinning me IN control — His control.

My life doesn’t always line up to the way I think it should go. Matter of fact, it rarely performs according to my schedule. And that’s the beauty of it. Because if it did, then I would foolishly be able to say "I did that." But I remember that no battle, promotion or anything else is won by my own strength — "lest any man should boast" (Eph 2:9), which means that the opposite is true too! If I can’t win on my own, then I can’t fail on my own!

Okay, breaking it down — that means that where there are situations that are looking like I didn’t "do" enough, I’m reminded that it’s not my battle. My performance will *always* be less than, b/c my performance (how good I was, or if I did x, y, z enough) was **never** the key to my victory. In essence, my err was trusting my own self. In God’s infinite wisdom, he affords us grace to withstand the strategies of the enemy. I don’t have to know what He’s doing to know how to win!

Example: If my finances are attacked — and negative thoughts come about my storehouse being low… I can say "God says I am a lender not a borrower, and treasure is laid up in store for me. God says that my cup runs over, so enemy since you see my treasure (if he didn’t see it, he wouldn’t attack it), let’s talk about how God will provide for me." ("Resist the devil and he will flee.." James 4:7)

So, I can have situations happen and if I pick up my shield of faith, knowing and walking in God’s grace, helps me resist the strategies and trickery of the enemy. He can’t bring condemnation (guilt, low/no self esteem, shame, negative thoughts, etc) to me, because I’m standing in grace, and not my own works. God is so awesome that even in our high times (when we’d love to think we’re on it) he’s yet working on our behalf, to allow us to be covered. . . because when the low times come, and they will, God’s already got the way of escape for us.

The enemy, who LOOKS to see who he can destroy and who roars LIKE a lion is always fearful of the REAL lion (the lion of Judah) who’s favor is like dew on the grass for those who are in his hand. So if you’re in his strength, you won’t be able to be destroyed… sifted like wheat… stomped out. LOL.

I Love G that when I’m up — He’s got me.
When I’m down — He’s protecting me.

He knows I’m not perfect and says — "I’ve already poured out wrath and judgement onto Christ (Is.53 & Is. 54); get up, come on — I died for your past sins and your future ones. It’s time to run."

When I’m running says — "Make sure you walk in humility and my grace so that your strength is perfect!"

God’s literally got my back, front, sides — doesn’t matter the battle — I work with the strength of the Lord, he knows my final shape and my destination. I love G for that!

I been bowed out, so that’s what you see in me!




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