Man was not meant to live alone

And Christ challenges us to get a long

As we walk down the lonely road,

Always seeking to go the extra mile,

After confrontation, forgive

In brotherhood, to live.

Christ had his 12 and then left us to ourselves,

Plus one guaranteed friend in him, then

My two feet found a beat and a path

And my faith found some comrades

A few interested in unconventional warfare, believing fully in the commission to “GO THERE”

Go hard or go home for the news that was never blue

And they have some lives on their hands, that’s true

‘Cuz they,

Standing, covered in blood, drenched and sweating a sweet scent

Something that reeked from their pores

As their heart pours over line after line, word after word

Hanging on to it like a worm on the end of a string

Following the baiting

They uncovered deep spiritual truths,

And when they open their mouth they rip these facts;

Being affiliated with the likes of these costs a price.

I often wondered what it was like to be around Peter, Mary or Paul

Ministers who gave their all, for the gospel;

What were the affiliated like?

Eager to hear, slow to listen and never action driven, or,

Motivated to do more by their insight and wisdom?

Well one friend, she could be Mary, and my boy Paul

Not that their super Christians, not at all

But the fire that I feel in me and blinding light reflecting from their selves

Cloaks my person in humbleness and humility.

My feet and their beat, started to slow down

Weary soldier or distracted warrior, we’ll never know;

But Mary and Paul likely helped plenty of people not stumble or prevented a fall.

Darting between glances of the religious they chased the base of the fuss

Not parting the intent from the thought, rather discerning the fact from reality;

Likely didn’t leave the person wondering “what now happens to me?”

:: queues music ::


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