Paying For Love

In choosing to be open to love, we expose ourselves to experience humanity, in its truest form. The beauty of how another life can add and color our experience. The tragedy that ensues when love is changed or lost.

Perhaps the candidness of the human form that actualizes in front of us, as we grow in love, is a reason why many don’t "want" it until they are absolutely "done" playing the field. Unfortunately, hormones aren’t always on the "wait" side, and some of us get into deeper situations because of physical ties that form — long term "friends with benefits" or children…

The question I’m asking myself today — What am I willing to pay, for love?

Accepted forms of payment could be as simple as throwing out the roadblocks that are currently in the road, letting down walls, or more complicated like waiting for a potential suitor to be "ready" or, getting rid of soul ties.

Everyone has something that’s on or in their path, even if it’s not always readily visible. Choose wisely my friends.


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