The more I know

The more I know,

The less I understand. "

The longer I live, the less many things make sense. Just like our cells have more chances to mutate into something crazy, I feel the same happens with life. We grow, get more responsibility and yet some how walk into situations that scare us, make us worried or nervous, delirious or happy.

The more exposure we get to situations happening, the less "stable" our world becomes. We are hurt by situations like the Trayvon Martin situation; unsettled by the unrest in Egypt and Syria; made paranoid by the light of information like what Eric Snowden brought out.

How are we supposed to live when so much is all around? We form our own form of the truth and seek to live in our protected places. Home is what and where you make it. So we chase our version of normal and want to "hold" there.

I am always at a point of unrest. Until I get where I want to go, I think the mirror will always show me where I have to push next. I will admit, I have trouble enjoying the process. On a road trip, I am not the person who wants to spend time eating at a local restaurant. I’m focused on getting to my destination and hopefully beating my estimated transit time. This doesn’t bode well for conversations that are about the process. This also is a very uncomfortable position to be in when I am developing. I have irrational fears that creep up that I have to take control of… maybe the drive is too high. =]

As long as I know I need to work on this area, I can work on it. Awareness is the first step. LOL



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