Strategic Life Plans

I never know what is around the corner of life. I suppose we can all say that. I have a saying where, I want to effect life, not just let life happen to me, and I sit around and react to it.

About three years ago, I wrote my strategic life plan. I’ve been "working" the plan ever since. There are some areas that are not actualized yet — like I’m not married so anything applying to "children’s lifetime" just can’t happen LOL.

I’ve shared the document with several people and I never hear back if people completed it. It’s a daunting task because the packet of information, thoroughly takes you through your past, helps you assess your present and then forces you to seek God, notice patterns and actually WRITE DOWN what you want your future to be in at least 5 critical areas.

I took it one step further by keeping a journal that I try to write in every other week. Sometimes (many times), I don’t keep the appointment with myself. So there are large gaps in my journal.

But having the life plan in front of me, helps me stay focused. And as new people come into my life, and they ask me how I’m able to do x, y, or z, I can point to this as being helpful.

Obviously, like anything else, it’s only as good as you make it. I have, lately, had some things happen which require some updating of my life plan.. .. but the changes and shuffling of life priorities or activities or my latest tinkering project don’t sway me away from the truths that I wrote over three years ago. This is one thing I pray to pass along to my kids once they are able to appreciate goal setting. I have a great case study in a niece who’s 12. She gets it, and talks about her goals — be it in sports, school or just generally things she wants to do. And it shows that if you raise kids in that type of mindset/culture, they will adapt/learn it.

She gives me hope.

Well I’m wrapping this 1 up loves,



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