She Speaks

She speaks… raw words of wisdom​ that run off of her lips like honey
Absorbed by the ear because they’re tired of listening to conformists, lies
Eating a form of truth but not satisfied
Sure that life has got to offer more than worth between hips and thighs
Not interested in the Barbie life
Upset and they don’t know it yet
Determined as their feet make sounds on the pavement
It’s like all of creation is applauding their transfer
Getting off of the old bus and on to the new
Not conventional, making alterations to egos like women in sweatshops sew hems
Quick and efficient, lasting change…
She speaks… curious melodies that chill skin yet warm soul
It’s the place where body and spirit link
Stirring places untouched by words, just affected by beat
Slipping past barriers and filters
Sharing space with the unspeakable
Her melodies caress the wounds created by the bustle of life that was made for a hustler
Yet lived by a girl.
She speaks… unfiltered balm
Sent to cover insatiable hungers for self help – the strong helping those who used to be
She speaks… always in terms of what will or what can be, never in defeat
She speaks and defines a generation, beckoning to the listener a path of revolution
Because who I am is not defined by who I was and yet not quite encompassed by who I will be..COME
She speaks with brilliance and radiant tenacity
Direction without drilling, power without force, allure without seduction,
She speaks so pendulums will swing, paradigms will shift and blocks will crush.
With watched words, the impressed sit back and observe the control she has as she pays the cost to deliver on what she speaks.


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