Better Days

The future is in front of me.
I can go wherever I please, provided that I don’t hinder my tomorrows in overly focusing my today’s on my yesterdays.
My tears back in those years passed through creases made by smile lines.
Flashing pearly whites in a quest to become better;
I sit on my averages, stand on my strengths and leap toward better days.
Just like a drop of water in the bucket,
A penny in the bank,
A small consistent action changes my own world.
As I fight to conquer new territories in my mind,
Just like a cell that swells when fat is introduced,
My appetite for new land grows.
I see possibilities in the gifts and talents I have,
And to travel the world is pleasant,
But if I don’t illuminate the world with my light, then I’ve not lived and see this dusty space for what it could be.

What would happen if each person lived intentionally? Stretching to become the best version of themselves?


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