Unaware Consequences

The rush of moving from one thing to the next, staying right in sync with the to-do list and making sure I’m meeting new deadlines has put me in a perpetual state of “on.” Which means when I’m “off,” I enjoy the time immensely.

ImageSaturday being my “catch-up convo” day, I look forward to two certain things: 1) I will wake up before my alarm; Sleep until the alarm goes off; then put it on snooze. I play possum with my alarm until I’m brought from beneath the covers by, what becomes my first conversation of the day, with Brother R. He is quite consistent. I remember growing up, that he established rules for his dresser. If we (Brother N or I) touched his stuff, there would be consequences. Did the rules stop us from touching his stuff? You bet it did. We were NOT happy to hear about the rules. But we kept them.

ImageFor a full day, we didn’t mess with his stuff. We really just wanted to hang out in there, so the stuff was a by-product extension of his coolness. The way our relationship grew and shaped, was the first peek into his role to me. He has the uncanny ability to ask questions you don’t want to answer. So (just like the prey and predator), I’ve found ways to avoid answering things until I’ve figured them out to a certain point… unless I’m ambushed of course! He’s quite observant and has an amazing poker face. But that consistency, passion for life, ability to strategize and make long term plans for the future – as well as assess people and be completely honest (even if someone didn’t like it), were traits I have come to love, value and seek out in others. These traits, essentially to speak life, help develop, be hard yet soft, showed me desired traits in men that I didn’t see in Papa L. The great silhouettes we seek in the future are shaped by the first experiences we have in life.

ImageI hope to be as consistent a presence with my nieces and nephews. Hard task, but I have strong shoulders. The Queen (& now Lady Lo), Tigs and Princess Kay along with Slim, The Gentle Giant and New-School Bo Jackson know that I have their backs.  Just like Brother R’s presence has had positive consequences in my life, the same will be true for the ones who follow me. As I look toward what my legacy will become, I see how life reaches the pivotal points, and the decisions we make roll out across many years.

There are three projects that I’m specifically working on, that will change the course of these areas of my life — when I complete them successfully. It’s not a matter of chance that I have these three opportunities. It’s just the natural progression of life. As you position yourself to become successful, you have opportunities that arise, that are unforeseen consequences of your previous hard work. They look a lot like stepping stones without the light of achievement, pay or other merits that come with social, job or life promotions.


But just like a diamond has to be searched for, brought to the surface and polished before it’s true value can be assessed, so is true for our young lives. Very few people have the foresight/avenues to create Facebook or other mediums. However, if you work your lane, you’ll be rewarded.


Stay strong, stay focused and stop giving up. A journey of one million miles always begins and ends with 1 single step. Keep Steppin!


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