Shouting in the Darkness


What do you do when you want something really bad for someone, but can’t do anything to bring it about?
“Forces are greater than you and I… and since they are — we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”  KNOW YOUR ENEMY…
If I was a far weaker person, emotionally, pressure like this would’ve burst me at the seams. ​To be honest, I’ve found myself saying “I don’t want to have high expectations and just have my bubble burst.”
What do you do, when you feel like you can’t put into words, the hope you desire, and reality sticks to said hope like summer skin on seats?
Faith. Fear. Faith. Fear. Faith. Reality… I have to choose faith. I’ve been living by the confines of reality in every aspect of my life. I can’t fly, can’t move things bigger than me, Can’t do this or that…
But by faith — I can do many things. And if I truly believe that my God is able to do the unthinkable, then the thing I am thinking ABOUT is surely under his control. I read once that every name is under the name of Christ. So since my situation has a name, it sorta means that God has overcome it. Right?
I look at it like the laws of physics. Gravity is the dominant force on this earth. Pretty much everything experiences the force of gravity. Sure there are ways to “beat” gravity — but that doesn’t mean the force doesn’t exist.So that presents Christ in an interesting way. Either I believe it, or I don’t. And in my disbelief, I don’t have to really say “I don’t believe Christ.” BUT, I create disbelief by doubting the truth… I don’t have to believe my fear to believe my fear… Gotta love spokenword….!

The best lie ever told, erased the power from the truth. And if there was no power in the truth, then by proxy the lie was no longer an oxy moron in holding us with statements like half truths…a half truth, is a whole lie…. The best lie never got to you believe the LIE…it got you to doubt the TRUTH…” (Wish I had a youtube video to link!)
So I guess when I distill this all the way down, my no-expectation is just fear, dressed up. And now that I know what it REALLY is, I can starve it by choosing to actively feed my faith.
This woman of God, signing out.




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