Pressed & mounting

I feel the pressure growing. But what side do I side with? The crushing pressure or the buoyancy it creates upon success? What do I look to, when I feel the screws tightening? As life brings new challenges my way, I can rise to the occasion or, I can succumb from performance anxiety.

It’s a new challenge. And never one to back down, I find myself squinting my eyes. Maybe the squint helps me think better. Maybe it allows me to filter the negative thoughts out. Maybe it’s a physical reaction to an emotional trigger – where I am emotionally flexing my muscles, saying that I can meet the adversity head on. The more I keep calm and separate the flurry of anxiousness with critical thought; I see that the path is clear. There are no clouds, there is only sunshine. No weeds… it’s all in perspective.

But I don’t have to shoulder it all alone. I have a best friend who’s going to help me through my work. My and my life or death rider – JC – about to make this work, WORK. I’m passing the load to him, because he’s brought me to this point to go THROUGH.


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