Word is Bond! … Sike!

What is a person’s word REALLY worth? Not weighing it by the moral stock of the sayer, but looking at the value that we place on people’s words in general. Have we, as a society fallen so far away from values that not even a person’s word matters?

Are our hearts so vain or preoccupied that our culture of dog-eat-dog world has become the mantra for daily life? Hearts lie. The burn of passion feels the same as the burn of hate. The encompassing feeling of happiness is the same feeling of completely overwhelm that one feels when depressed. So saying “I’ll know if I can trust someone when I see/talk/catch a vibe from them,” is dangerous and plainly not accurate. The more hurts that happen to us, the LESS likely we are to trust people. So on average, is a person’s worth really the same as a hill of beans? After all, that’s why there are so many contracts… because we say, “I don’t trust that you won’t screw me over.” So to protect against what we are inevitably believing will come true, we sign an agreement… which sometimes sets off a chain of events.

I was recently asked how I feel about a prenup. At one time, I was whole-heartedly against them.After all, a cheater will eventually cheat; one prone to anger will eventually get angry. A prenup just helps the break up become only marginally less messy. So does a pre-nup, or agreements between friends mean that you don’t trust your friend? If you walk into love full of love, is a prenup hope that the other person is too? And juuusst in the unlikely event that they’re not, you’re protected to at least be laterally demoted back to your former self, not incurring physical harm, just holding all the emotional ones?

Let’s use two friends… Ted and John agree to build a house. John handles the construction, Ted the electrical stuff. Is a firm handshake, solid conversation and coming to the table, with each person invested to do their best not enough, anymore? And when did the value of someone’s word, begin to die?


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