Worlds Apart

Not that I feel the world is falling apart — it isn’t.
But somehow after the stroke of midnight I feel a world apart from the things that will make me complete.
Don’t take it too deep.
There are no missing pieces to my puzzle…my quite defined world is doing alright

But I have goals that are just beyond reach,
Things that keep me up late at night, just to see if,
There’s another leaf I forgot to overturn,
A path to of brick that yearns,
My feet to walk and my grace to touch

I know it’s almost 2, this might be a little too much.
A world apart from there to here,
Tho I can see it and the destination clear,
It’s not in my hands, therefore slightly outside of my grasp
So I sit planning…

Playing parts like scales,
I see your G-major and raise you a D…
I’m too sharp to be lax…the only blues are in my minor
When the sky rains down showers
But it’s nothing that a pretty pout can’t skirt about…

Goal chasing is nothing but a person who learns to find reward in somewhat menial tasks. If it is relevant, I will feel like it’s pushing me. And if it’s pushing me or I’m chasing it, someone will eventually get caught up — and that sweet hammock of success is where I’ll pitch my bed to enjoy the breezes that hard work tickles my skin with its touch.


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