Premies and Pickled Ginger..

Work, Work, Work, Work…

Being full of analogies lately, I find that they’re so fitting for occasions that I surround me like an island. I like to think of myself as an ox, regarding my work ethic. I don’t demand a whole lot, yet I find a way to put out a lot of high quality work.

My intensity, most don’t understand. There are people who feel like I’ve gotten to where I’m at because I had the support or the right degree or the right connections. Not the case at all… I remember several things my mother told me as a child. Some are precious memories, that have unfolded into life events and looming questions my life has yet to answer. Others are reflected in my day-to-day situations. I work. I work hard. Not just at my job, but at my side job, and my volunteer assignments. My side hustles… Part of me does it because I’ve always had my hands in many pots, or many urns in the fire. Part of it is because I don’t want to be a stereotypical anything. I am fiercely independent. But not the i-n-d-e-p-e…or the all-the-women-who-independent…but I’m not the “can you pay my bills…”

Peeling another layer back: I was a premie baby. The doctors told my mother that with premies because they are in the struggle for their lives at such an early stage, they have to be very strong willed to make it through that. I’ve never done any research on this, so I decided to look at some numbers…I was born at 6 months. As a 24wk fetus, I had a 39% survival rate. WOW! 80% of babies born at that time have long term problems (disabilities), including learning disorders and other things. I beat all the odds. Blessed is an understatement. The only residual is that I wear glasses. But plenty of my cohorts who were carried to term also wear glasses, lol.

But what does this have to do with my work ethic? I think everything. Once I’ve gotten it in my mind that I will do something – ultimately I will find a way to make it happen; even if that means that it doesn’t happen immediately. In this way, I’m a little like a healthy dose of ginger (you were waiting for it, weren’t you..!). Ginger, no matter the form, instantaneously stays with you. Ginger tea, pickled ginger, ginger paste, ginger powder, ginger snaps – the spice is powerful enough to change the shape (taste profile) of whatever it’s in. The sweet cookie becomes “hot.” The paste makes meat take on almost a sweet feature. The sour of a pickle becomes tangy/zesty. This spice is intense – a word I’ve heard before. Yet, it’s mutable, friendly to other spices and pleasing to the palate. Similar to me – I’m friendly, can adapt to many situations (not any… there are some things that I was NOT designed to work with!), and when I’m involved in something, the outcome is typically a pleasant one.

Gotta love it.

As thought swirl about where one will be in life, do people correlate where they’ve been as a function of where they’re going, or not? Meaning, is it a crutch, a springboard, nothing or everything? And what does that have to do with what one THINKS of said self?



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