Am I too spicy?

I think people can be compared to spices. Take my mother, for example. She’s very grounded in who she is, but very complex. Sometimes can be surprising or overwhelming. She is cumin and saffron all at the same time. My father … let’s call him a bay leaf spice. Good for the cooking, but something that gets taken out after the process is complete ;).

In all fairness, my dad, I would probably say is closer to crushed red pepper. Can be used in many situations but pepper isn’t going to mutate the way, say, garlic powder or seasoning salt would.

So I am the product of pepper and saffron, heat and sweet, earth and fire.

As you can imagine, that makes me an intense, yet balanced person. What I love most is seeing the possibility of what could be, and actually making it happen. Maybe that’s why, my character flaw is not knowing when to walk away from things. I give and wait, give and wait. And sometimes in the giving and waiting, I am staring in the opposite direction of the sign that reads “people are d*cks…sometimes.”

(Shrugs) We’ve all got ways to improve on. =)

But how do you know who you’re dealing with? In your friends — the people you choose to spend your time with — how do you know if they’re truffle oil or vegetable oil? The best Cabernet or just table red? How do you know?

It starts with you. With your aspirations, where are you? Are you dealing with like-minded people, or are you the smartest person in your circle of friends? Are you the best at EVERY thing in your group? Maybe it’s time to get new friends who challenge you in different ways. (No, don’t ditch your current ones, just find ones who are able to push you.) To me, this extends to your mate. They say most people marry someone around their level. Which explains generational poverty, generational abuse and almost anything else that tends to plague a family. The converse is true though, as well. Generational wealth, intelligence and such, are also because of who you surround yourself with.

My late grandmother did not have a lot of education, but fortunately she was a hard worker and very intelligent. She surrounded herself with people who were able to pour into her, and subsequently, she poured into those around her. Who do you surround yourself with? You are the total of the 5 people you spend the most time with — what do you friends say about YOU?

Reality TV watching, junk food munching, low-goal setting, haters will not propel you to success. Shed the fat — literally. Find people who support and believe in your dream. And you have to WATCH THOSE WHO TRIP YOU ON THE WAY TO ACCOMPLISHING THEM.

They may never say “you’ll never do that.” But are they intentionally or “unintentionally” being a distraction? Are they encouraging you or trying to sway you from moving in the up direction? Dream feeders, people like my late uncle, do everything in their power to help you succeed. Make sure you have at least one Jess in your life. (ILY!)

I have to run, there WILL be a part B. But the truth is, if you’re 5-spice, coarse sea salt and you have nothing in common. Ride with the right troop!

Happy Saturday World.


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