Changing Thangs (:

How do you know when things are supposed to change?

Is it simply when you get tired of them? Or is it some other sign that comes from heaven? Are there other things that cause us to understand and identify the changes and the shifts of life? I look at my life. There are situations and things that have been happening since I was about 16. That’s about (cough) years. *smile* Seriously though, there are patterns that started long before I even understood them. Initially I thought that I was helping the situation out – after all, as a participant, I should help right? Then with my independence, the responsibility to take care of myself shifted from my parent to myself. Cool. Well what happens now is that the same pattern occurs, except it has larger ramifications and deeper frustrations.

The seasons of my life have changed several times over. But something about this situation has only caused it to change in scale and repetition. So I ask again, how do you know when things are supposed to change? We control and influence what happens around us, so we have the power and the responsibility to change the situations that we don’t like in our lives.

If the Kingdom of God is above every other kingdom and every other form of thinking on earth, then I need to ‘come up’ to God. I need to begin to really understand the mentality that allows this situation to continue.

1 – Originally, I thought of myself as a solution (partly) to the problem.

2 – I felt good when “I” helped out and solved the problem. I fixed it! Look at me go!

3 – I identified with the problem. If I was in this situation then they would…

4 – I used my own strength in the situation.

There is a WHOLE LOT of “ME” going on in there! Sheesh! That was my first mistake. When I look into God’s word, I don’t look for myself in the text. I don’t look at myself as a solution to hurting people or anyting else. So I see before I can even really attack the problem, I have to completely remove me from the situation.

1 – I am NOT in the solution. While I have tools that can help assit, Green aka T Ali cannot solve or provide a solution to anything. Meaning, it’s bigger than a person!

2 – I have to feel good apart from being able to help fix or do something. I have to feel good knowing that I point them to the true solution. God fixing and freeing them from broken mentalities. Mentalities of what “can’t” be done versus what “can” be done. And perhaps it takes some drastic living…

3 – Jesus lived on this earth and experienced everything we did. But somehow he lived above it. Why and how? The power of God working through him, as He came into agreement with God. Meaning, the only way I identify with the problem is knowing what they feel like and knowing the true solution.

4 – I have no strength to fix the problem. I have to repeat this daily – “I am NOT the solution and I have NO strength OF MY OWN” (remember the song “God is my joy and the strength of my life, he moves all pain misery and strife…God is….”)

Man. So before I can even really dig into the problem, I have to remove myself from the front parts. After I understand how I contributed to this problem moving from 1-time to recurring, I have to figure out if this mentality is in my own self.

Do I look at the solution that I thought I was as contributing or controlling a major area in my life? The answer is YES. A resounding YES. If the mindset has that much power I need to deconstruct the altars that it is on within me. Some people have different altars of things: Food, money, power… how do I do that?

I can’t say that I know the whole process….but I’m going to start by searching the scriptures. I know that our mind is where the battle is – so… here’s to unleashing containment!!

The Kingdom is Over Everything…. and that Kingdom is IN ME. Let the POWER of God be made manifest IN me and THROUGH my life! This revelation into the knowledge of who God has called me the be, and the ability to walk in that is what counts and matters!



One thought on “Changing Thangs (:

  1. Amen. I pray in agreement! I think it’s always a beauitful thing when we learn about ourselves and in turn grow into these lovely beings that God intended for. I’m reminded of Jeremiah 17:9 when the Lord tells us that we don’t even know what’s in our own hearts. We don’t know what the heck we’re capable of or really how we would handle said situation that we haven’t yet encountered. Only through Christ and as vessels can we be of assistance…never in our own power! Embrace your changes 🙂

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