God, please Be God…even to me.

God, please be God… Even to me.

It’s been a long time…shouldn’t have left you, without a strong blog to step to.. =)

It has been a while. I read the opening scripture of a book and it talked about God giving us good gifts…the gist of the parable was that, if we, as men know how to give good gifts to our children (or to children), how much more would God give gifts to us?

So when I fret and worry, I think about God. He’s not brought anything into my life that will destroy me. It’s all for the seasoning of my faith and the pruning of my branch. I have to keep that in my forefront when I let the spirit of worry, fear or doubt creep into my head.

Once it gets into my head there’s a direct line to the heart. And once fear, doubt or lack of trust in self gets into ones’ heart, it takes true deliverance to get it out. I look at situations around me where people have believed something with ALL THEIR HEART. Everything they do is impacted by what they believe, because their heart is in it.

I know people who have ruined relationships, lived ‘entitle minded’ (read: spoiled) lives and also lived below their means, because of what they believed in their hearts.

Well you want to know what I believe? God has called me to do wonderful things in this world. He’s created me to walk in many marketplaces and I praise God for the gifts that he’s given me spiritually. I also thank him for the practical things that he’s equipped me with. As a logical person (an engineer) I make step by step decisions which have helped get me to the physical place that I am. It’s not to belittle another decision making strategy, it’s just to say that God crafted my path so precisely together that I sit in places other people would dream to sit.

And so, there lies a great question. What then, do I do with the things I’ve been given in life? I’m a firm believer in giving back and helping out, but I’m also a believer of making sure you take care of self. After all, if you’re so busy pouring out that you have nothing left for yourself, how can you be of use in the future? And how can you continue to move up, if you’re always pulling someone else up?

To me, the best role models are ones who never stop doing what they love and get better at it. Who wants a role model who at one time was the best, but now is the worst? Not I, dot com. LOL.

This Week, it’s about keeping the head up and walking OUT what God has called us to do!

Side bar: zR did great this past weekend with two radio interviews and ministering through praise and worship as well. Keep it up guys!! Run! Run! Run!!


2 thoughts on “God, please Be God…even to me.

  1. haha there were all SORTS of musical references in there. If we talk about harvesting, since your name is green tots– it makes sense to never completely deplete your soil. It must have rest time to produce the best crops.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for coming back with rich content. Influential people in our lives should be rivers, not swamps!! I see you got on those Gold Micheal Johnson shoes for the 400. This life is a Marathon, not a mere sprint!

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