I write…

To cover the nakedness of what I feel inside. I desire to be so close to God, in moments like this; but then I think of days when he can’t get a word in edgewise and I have to calm myself down so  that I can hear my own thoughts as they whiz by.

What is the rush? What is the busyness that we pretend is business? When it’s all said and done, at least one place that we spend multiple hours a day should be our sanctuary. It should be our place where we’re able to go and find a blank canvas. Not be reminded of projects that we didn’t complete, rooms that need to be fixed, laundry that needs to be cleaned; relationships that need to be mended. Where is that place for you?

My place sometimes, is a hotel room. Where nothing and everything belongs to me. Just the essentials. Just me. Just God.

Every thought of an unfinished project melts away and I sit before his throne. I’m most comfortable when I have on a pair of shorts and a tank/tee and low lights. Sometimes no light but my computer light… and I sing. I sing until I’m happy or until I’ve overcome my falsity of emotion projected to the world. I sing until I’ve prayed every prayer in the depth of my soul for everyone….and then I sing for me. I sing about things that effect me…in places where not even the closest person sees — but he’s closer than a brother; he’s my Savior.

We’re one in this space. No one invades, no one knocks, no one is teeming in the hallway, frustrated that I’m taking too long or _____________. Just me. Just God. And it’s this wringing out process which puts me in the best place to be used as a vessel for him. I got two words today which I moved on immediately. And within four hours, the enemy’s trap has sprung onto those people.


God sharpen me to the tool that you desire. I want to be a knife, but you’re will might be higher;
I could be a diamond or a laser’s beam
I could be a single light, shining in the stream
of dark souls lost with no hope, till you used imperfect me
God let my heart move aside to align me with YOUR destiny.

Trish A.
–You can’t have a positive life, with a negative mind.


One thought on “I write…

  1. That went straight from your heart to this one. My place is a hiking trail where God and I do business. I lay it all down before Him and allow Him to speak to me. Yes, I talk to God while driving as well, but the hiking trial is filled with so much symbolism for me. Thank you for sharing these parts of your faith tots! Sing unto Him a new song!

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