Scarred and Scared?

At midnight, you learn a lot about yourself. You come face to face with the face behind the make up, mask, fitted or whatever else dons your outer man.

There is Nothing that stops midnight. No amount of friends, no therapy, no loving relationships… We are all challenged to see ourselves at midnight.

I wonder about past experiences which shape my future. The black skid marks it left on my soul getting me to “adjust” all the while my natural me was against getting my territory, invaded. So it scarred me. And the next time another piece of new information or person or experience stepped on skid row, I, replayed *that* instead of the potential unique experience I was having at the time.

Scarred, but scared. Scared to admit that maybe I’d made a mistake? Nah, quacks like a quail means it must be a duck right? In other words, if it’s sounding like what I recognize, even though it’s really not, I’m automatically right. Intuition maybe builds misunderstanding’s baby….

So what is the right line for the course? do we keep our skids and scars with hopes that enough pledge or cocoa butter will ease them away? Or, do we carry on with our heads held high? Maybe we cut the diseased pieces and reshape tomorrow….scarred, scared, scared and wondering

–what do you do?

Please reply with your thoughts on this and how it applies to you and not with what I should do. It’s more thought exercise than anything else:)


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