Cracking the Sky

It’s hard to hear the voice of God. Amidst the noise of our thoughts, who we are trying to become while following his direction and guidance, it gets tough to hear his voice if we’re not careful.

Sometimes we hype the experience that we had before, mystifying God (or should I say dumbing him down) to only operate to us in that way specifically…Enter the illustration of the children of Israel looking for the burning bush while the whole mountain was on fire….

We miss it. Get it wrong. Mis-interpret or move too fast.

So what then? Luckily God is able to do mid-course corrections, to fix our non-calibrated GPS (lol). For me lately, it’s been so easy to get tunneled into my own world. My world where the faint cry of the flesh becomes a screaming banshee that is perched right next to my ear. Or, where the temptation of things that require zero discipline shine like a tall glass of water in the middle of the desert.

My best path away from the home team has been one where I think the current of the shark infested waters aren’t strong enough to pull me under. And then when I’m about to drown, I look up at God to throw me a lifesaver. Of which he obliges, but, why?

Why didn’t we hear the cries from the shore saying, don’t do that? Or do we, and we just choose to wander a bit more? Mistaken our new sea legs for tested ones? My my, how easily we are deceived, by ourselves!

The hardest thing for me to do, though, in this whole hearing God’s voice, is wait. There have been a few things where I’ve definitely waited on God and he’s given me the deisres of my heart; answered my needs and not just my wants. But again, in those situations, I want to apply the algorithm that I used during that part of my life — and I miss, if I’m not careful, that God speaks uniquely to us all; and unique in each circumstance.

So today, I’m writing down all the ways that God speaks to me.


I’m sure I’m going to be surprised at the list.


One thought on “Cracking the Sky

  1. God speaks volumes whether we’re listening or no. Your post simply reminded me that many times I have been standing at the bottom of the mountain that is burning, yet still thinking its just a bush. Then I realize that he is consumed with what and who I am. He is consumed with the reason for my emotional meltdowns and is waiting to sooth them with the tablets of his refining love. There are more than 10 ways He spoke through the commandments we just stopped counting at the teachable ones. Thanks Sis!

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