Great and it’s evil enemy

How many times have I drawn my own line in the sand, juuuust before the great end?

Remember the community swimming pool? One end was shallow, then the middle, then the deep end. From the shallow to the middle of the pool, there was a gradual decline, from 3 to probably 5 feet. But from the middle end to the deep end, was a sharp decline to 14 ft+ water. On the surface, everything was level, but when you step/walked along the bottom, it was a different story.

In my various pursuits in life, I have been guilty of stopping at what’s good, acceptable; normal. A task was complete and it was a good job. But if excellence is a habit, and blessings are poured out to ALL of God’s children (without discrimination for anointing or duration of being saved), then what’s stopped me in the past, that I can change in my present, to drastically alter my future?

Outside of me? My expectations, and what’s acceptable to me. Since 2001, I’ve been on a small self improvement journey. It started with a friend challenging me (thx ‘Dexter’), in anger, to eliminate the gaps between who I said I was, who I presented myself to be, and who I wanted to be. A little gap will always exist in these “3 versions” of yourself, because we eternally seek to be better. So it’s always a chase. But in 2001, I guess my gaps were a little large.

None the less, I strived to do what I said, how I said I would, by when I said I was going to do it. And it’s an ongoing process! But that habit of constantly doing a little, got me to thinking: why haven’t I applied this to my scriptural life – like in earnest? Either I believe the Bible, or I don’t. And since I surely do, then that means that ALL the blessings that God speaks about, require me to believe that when I got saved, that that gift was just the first of many to come! On days when dreams seem so far away, or, the leap forward feels more like a half of a step, I rest in knowing that I can ask my Father for anything. And unlike my personal coffers, his can never be exhausted. He exceeds every hope and expectation.

I think that people get on a “roll” and then slowly begin to work in their own knowledge. They get comfortable in the new situation that they didn’t formerly have a chance of landing/doing before, and they sit down and actually “do” it. So the teeter-totter goes from the full reliance on God side being down (meaning it’s Him that’s keeping you up), to the fully working in what I can see/do/impact side being down (meaning that God is there, but not really participating).

How do we continue to challenge ourselves to walk in full reliance on God? How do we avoid settling for the good job to obtain the job well done? What is that perfect (meaning complete) balance of our human “skill” versus the will that God is moving/accomplishing in our area of the Universe?


One thought on “Great and it’s evil enemy

  1. Great post! In reference to walking in full reliance to God, one person said it well… Trusting God means having both feet planted firmly in the air! I feel the struggle you speak of… it enemy of excellent isn’t evil, it is good.

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