Technology and my parents

I’m pretty sure that besides AOL and email, my dad doesn’t really "do" technology.

My mother is pretty saavy, compared to him. She whips out various bulletins and stuff in Microsoft…can navigate her email. She’s pretty great at Excel and other features of her computer.

But her phone? The thing she uses daily?

Well, It definitely gets LOTS of mileage as just a phone. It took me three, 3, trois LONG years of responding to calls with text messages or texting her random bits of information before she begun to text. And our most recent feat, er, quest? Asking me to show her how to send picture mail of my new niece through her device. Simple enough right?

Well I don’t have her device.

I’ve never owned her device.

I didn’t even know the name of it.

I felt worse than the non-US citizens who try and give you tech support over the phone with a limited manual… "Uh, ma’am you said you don’t see the button? ::scramble:: Ok…Give me one moment." So, imagine me, scrambling to help my emailing-on-the-high-priority-option mother (b/c this MMS IS urgent danggit!) send ME a message. She, in true executive form told me "I’ve got two minutes. What can you do?"

Sorta feels like "Make me laugh funny man!" :gulp: Ok, no pressure…so of course, the manuals that I pull up to look at her phone lead to some weird commands that she can’t access. I sent her a link to the video that would show her exactly how to do it. Instead, what does she do? She goes to WalMart where a "young man" (probably some random kid there with HIS mother) showed her how to send the MMS.

She gets back on email and asks how do I like the pic. Only…today’s the day I’ve left my personal phone at home. Yikes!

Don’t worry, the story doesn’t end there. We go through a few emails where she’s asking why didn’t I get it in my email. To which I ask her, did you send an email, or did you just send an MMS (of course I’m saying ‘did you just send the picture "regular" LOL). To this, she replied: "dumb looks are still free."

LOL. So after settling that she will send an email, so that I can, in fact, get it on my desktop, she tells me:

You’re doing this deliberately like when you were determined that I was going to learn how to text, and I don’t text any faster than I did in the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐

Dang. And here I thought that she’d forgotten about that.

Happy Generational Difference in Technology Moment, brought to you by, My Family. 🙂


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