Playing by the “rules”

I think that we’re all interested in understanding how we can become more appealing to the opposite sex. Whether we’re keeping it hot for the hubby or looking to add some spice to our single life, it’s important for us to keep our stock price up, as I love to say.

So what merit, does the above article hold in your world?

I agree that some fashion trends are a bit much, depending on your personality, but others to me, seem to fade the wearer into a conformist sort of style.

I can remember being in school and a guy saying he wouldn’t want his wife to wear colored nail polish because he likes the natural look. I remember thinking, “well here’s the end of this.” Funny that he doesn’t feel that way NOW, and yet I haven’t been able to forget that moment. No, it’s not about should a man have the “right” to tell a woman what to wear. It truly is about a preference question.

It seems that the author of this spot was a little off in some areas. Or, am I just wishfully thinking that my vibrant nail color isn’t sending the wrong message?


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