Today’s Valentine’s Day. The day where people are able to show, through gifts, how they appreciate their loved one. Some people say that this holiday is for women and get mad that guys don’t have a holiday. But I guess I argue that women deserve two days! I mean, if we’re talking about marriages, women do a LOT. They’re carrying the babies and many times keeping the house together and running like a well oiled machine. I think of my mother when we were growing up and I wonder how she did what she did! She definitely deserved a day outside of her birthday, or mother’s day where we told her how much we loved and appreciated her.

BUT that said – my personal opinion is that Valentine’s day is a day for both parties to celebrate each other. My personal favorite way of celebrating is something that we both do together – whatever that activity is. Basketball games? Plays? Hiking and then a picnic at the top of a mountain climb? Let’s do it. Any excuse to spend more time with each other, doing things that we enjoy, with one another. Of course all the overtures are not excused either (flowers, candy, etc).

Love to create music? Write me a song composed of things I’ve said to you over the past month. Love to draw? Make a funny picture out of things around my world or things I like. It doesn’t have to be based on something I love, but because I love you – I’ll thoroughly enjoy what you’ve gotten me.

Dinner and a movie is great, but a little passé right? Or maybe I’m just too much of an individual to accept such a normal activity as an expression of love. But love doesn’t have to mean helicopter rides or extravagance. It just has to be exclusively you, specifically for me.

Let’s take a step back though. Why all the frenzy? Some people say it’s a manufactured holiday. For a holiday we don’t “believe in” we’ll spend a little over $900 million dollars on this day. Meaning that businesses have spent a lot of time gearing up for the day. Chocolate manufacturers play into the aphrodisiac of chocolate, wine and all things in place for a night of passion, debauchery or having good company with those you love [if you’re single]. Let’s dig a little deeper into the significance of the almighty paper trail.

If $90million went into the coffers of the church, or to feed the hungry [an act of love] or spent on a homeless or parent-less child, what effect would the one act of love have?

I imagine that one person, showered with an appropriate act of love can change the other person’s life completely. Which then, could subsequently change the world.

Mary’s life was changed. She in turn changed Joseph’s life [who’s mind was turned/changed by an angel]. Birthing a child, who’s proclamation and stamp on the world has been the best love gift we’ve ever received. And the relationship gets sweeter every day. “Every, day gets, sweeter…sweeter than the day before….” What am I going to do, to give God a Valentine, expressing my love for him? It’s gotta be different than the day to day; it’s got to project me in a unique way…my praise isn’t enough today; my life as a sacrifice shouldn’t be in question so how do I offer my energy to bless him as he first blessed me?


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  1. great post. How fitting for a gloomy day where I am. cloudy. rainy. muggy. thanks for the insight into a woman’s mind of what this Day should reaally be about!

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