What do God’s eyes look like?

Recently, I was washing off my hands after doing a dirty chore. I watched the dirt, grime and soap get pushed off my hands by the water. I kept inspecting the marked parts of my hands and rewashing until they met my liking. As I glanced in the mirror, I looked deep into my own eyes and thought:

If I could look into the eyes of Christ, would my heart melt? Truly, what do the eyes of Christ look like?

The eyes of a being who is truly completely compassionate without being patronizing. The eyes of a being who knows all of me (the parts that make me “bad” to you; or “scary” to you; or “weird” to you; or “uncertain” to me; or “snooty” to me), and still chose to die for me…the eyes of the one who knows the true intent of everything I’ve ever done, and still pushes it out of his mind, as though He never knew it…the eyes of a person who knew at one time in my life I chose something else other than the best way for me — but still loved me and rejoiced when I chose the right decision…

Eyes that are willing to protect my heart and give me enough support (with the angels that he’s placed on earth) to run the race that has been put in front of me…the eyes of a person who suffers when I suffers because he never stopped thinking about me; the one who didn’t create evil, but allows the situation to be altered so that the evil does NOT destroy me, but gives me enough experiences to 1) survive it, and then take that experience to 2) thrive later in life? How do the eyes of a being who is so gentle still burn with anger toward those who spitefully use and abuse me?

What color are the eyes of the one who desires me to walk in the fullness of what he knows for me, but won’t force me to decide to do that? One who’s willing to let me learn at my own pace, despite knowing what the fastest route will be? The one who accepts a momentary lapse in judgement or knows where I will hesitate and sends someone there to encourage me along?

As I thought about the eyes of Christ, song after song welled  up in my soul. MY eyes flooded with the thought of being able to see my Savior’s face; and gratefulness poured from my heart as I thought about all the emotions that His eyes would convey — the eyes being the gateway to the soul, His soul being perfect, pure and full of love — For he is love and in him is no darkness — And he created me in His image, I am his workmanship…

We are FREE! We are So blessed. Having a relationship [not a religion] with a being who is active in our lives, conforming us to an image which has survived time, season and eternity is unfathomable. And he did it all, Just for me…and YOU! [if you don’t know Him this way — please get too!!]

Needless to say, handwashing hasn’t been the same!


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