Stripped. Striped. Strech.

What are you telling me? Heart. What art thou saying…

In the moments between conversations with Christ; in the space between me and others in my life; the time between the release of the send button and the time when the alert sounds… when my heart communicates with my mind…

In normal times, my heart seeks out the limelight.

Last night —

The mind took center stage. As I stretch sore neck muscles from a great dance rehearsal, my mind flips, pauses and reflects. My boss always says (although he wasn’t the person to coin this phrase) "no good deed goes unpunished."

That summarizes where I’m at! Lol. There’s little that I wouldn’t give more than to see those who are closest to me succeed AND be happy. But sometimes, even our best efforts are thwarted. Um, yeah. More to come.


One thought on “Stripped. Striped. Strech.

  1. hello tA,
    thanks for this post,,,,cant wait to read the rest of it….somehow, all the post recently, spoke to the man in me…God bless u…I sent u a text, but didnt get a reply…whats up with ur phone…pls do text or call.


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