Food and Slaves

During my time of fasting, I hear so many comments about how people can’t wait until X or can’t watch people prepare Y or long to eat Z. With each comment, I cringe just a little bit. Why? Because it shows just how much our minds and bodies are tuned into food. Almost to the point of being slave to food.

While most of us aren’t in danger of becoming morbidly obese, our mentalities are. Fasting illuminates just how much we think about food; or worse yet, when we can’t have what we normally would gorge on [lol], we resort to whining and pining after it.

How much more should this energy be spent on something that actually yielded dividends? Even if you didn’t study the word (as one may desire to, during a fast) if you redirected that energy into reading, saving, planning, etc — what would your tomorrow look like?

During study, my favorite teacher said "how many of us have wasted our today’s worrying about our tomorrows?" And likewise, I heard in another seminar that "many adults feel that time is speeding up, because they spend so little time in TODAY. Often, they’re replaying something that already happened, or planning or dreading something that hasn’t happened yet. If it has happened, there’s nothing you can do about it. If it hasn’t happened, it may not ever happen. So why live in a moment that is NOW?"

Life Lesson: Lord, help me direct my energy [and sometimes small level of adoration] into things that are fruitful…and not things that detract from my life!


2 thoughts on “Food and Slaves

  1. tanx Ta, the post really helped my fasting. I’m doing a 21 day fasting and its nothing to write home about. Am always thinking of when to break the fast and i had to push my self to end it by 12noon instead of 6pm. God have mercy on me. Tnx for the light!

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