Today’s a great day.

Not because something magnificent happened or because it’s beautiful out…but because I remembered that none of my problems will ever be greater than the promise of Christ. And when you really let that sink in [it took me several weeks], there is a liberation that comes.

So, Jan 16, 2012, I’m declaring it as my own personal liberation day.

Free of worrying if the layoffs at my job will hit me, if I will make my budget requirements for 2012, if any of the various situations will work out the way *I* want them to… I’m free from that. Of course I think on them, but intense thinking….a.k.a. concentrating a.k.a. meditating a.k.a. worrying on those things will not change what will happen.

I believe that many Christians say "I put my trust in God" but have a hard time walking that out. They have a hard time not adding a little of me-spice to the equation. God has his spirit working in and through you, as a believer, and instead of standing on that truth, and TRULY letting God lead, direct and order our steps, we "help" out. Our help is probably the equivalent of a kid (who’s about 5 or 6) helping out with baking a cake. While their help is appreciated and smiled at, what help are they really? You have to baby sit them doing everything. They can’t crack an egg properly, don’t know what creaming means, why you can’t stir wildly, etc.

So the next time you go to help God out…chill, and remember you don’t want to be the messy 5-yr old in the kitchen "helping"…when all your actions just get in the way.

In no way, will life be a cakewalk. My pastor (Bryan Williams, Church of the Messiah, Nashville), gave an illustration of how the spirit leading you — everyone isn’t ready for. Jesus got baptized and our almighty God responded from heaven by thundering through the sky. Then the next part of the story goes: (paraphrased) "And Jesus was led by the Spirit, into the wilderness where he fasted 40 days/nights and was tempted by the Devil."

So while I’m chillin and saying "God I trust you" "Lord order my steps and let not sin have dominion over me" … I have to realize that **all** things work together for the good. So as long as I do what HE is telling me to do, my problem won’t eclipse HIS PROMISE.

#lilbitsofwisdom #encouragedin2012 #doingitGodsway


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